Julie Conway: info@bioglass.org
Founder of bioglass.org, Glass Artist, designer, innovator, owner of studio Illuminata   Uses hydrogen technology to power vehicle and is researching the use of this technology in the glass studio.  www.illuminataglass.com

Mary White: mwhiteglass@mac.com An educator & artist. Fulbright Scholar in Ireland 2010,  19 years directing Glass Area of San Jose State, CA. Currently   head of the Crucible Glass Department in Oakland, CA. Crucible, a fire-arts studio using a large array of solar panels to offset electricity.

Christian Thornton: enviroglass@gmail.com Glass artist, designer and innovator.  Created the enviroglass concept, which he adapts through grounded practice at Studio Xaquixe, an eco-glass studio and research center he co-founded in Oaxaca, México. Christian offers consulting services for the formulation of recycled glass as well as the incorporation of recuperation and alternative energies application for equipment and combustion systems in heat treat processes such as glass, ceramics and metals. www.xaquixe.com

Hugh Jenkins: hujenkins@hawaiiantel.net
Builder and designer Veggie OIl Furnaces, Recuperation Guru, Glass Artist Recuperated Glory Holes,  Kilns, Owner of Big Island Glass.  www.bigislandglass.com

Eddie Bernard: eddiewetdog@worldnet.att.net
Owner Wet Dog Glass, Glass Artist founder of NOCGI, the New Orleans Creative Glass Institute, builds efficient glass furnaces, technical engineer for glass melting.  www.wetdogglass.com

Charlie Correll: ccorrell@comcast.net Correll Glass Studio builds hot glass equipment that is $$ efficient and kind to the environment, including recuperative burners systems for both glory holes & furnaces. Celebrating 30 years of green equipment. www.correllglassstudio.com

Garrett Wheeler:  garrettwheelerglass@yahoo.com   Was first introduced to this amazing medium at the Toledo Museum of Art in Toledo, Ohio. Graduated with my B.F.A from Bowling Green State University in 2004 and have been working in glass ever since. Its been one wild ride. Hoping to return to school at some point in time to pursue my M.F.A. in glass. Currently living in between Tortola, BVI and Oxacxa, Mexico working on the development of a more enviromently friendly alternative to glass melting and loving every minute of it.

Steve Funk: Pilchuck Glass School board member, and supporting member for BioGlass guidance and the business thinking behind the visionary mission.  

Timm Muth: info@JCGEP.org  With over 30 years experience in the energy industry, Timm has helped design and manage nuclear facilities, fossil fuel stations, hydropower, solar and wind power installations, and biomass resources such as landfill gas. Timm has led the effort at the Green Energy Park since its inception in 2005. He brings to the project an enthusiasm for renewable energy, belief in the power of community, and the ability to turn what could beinto what is.

Jordan Kube:  Has been working with glass since 1997. His constant quest for knowledge has brought him into the BioGlass fold. Jordan has built energy efficient electric furnaces and CNC machinery, among other things. His studio is located in Seattle where his machines do his bidding.