BioGlass was launched with a collective of artists that are expert glass makers, equipment builders, biofuel specialists, and educators hoping to inspire new techniques for energy usage
and equipment efficiency to melt and form art glass. 

Creating art glass requires a tremendous amount of resources, but the results are spectacular!  
Glass has inspired artists, admirers and collectors for millennia, and we hope to inspire more efforts to create sustainability for our craft in the future. 
BioGlass was founded by Julie Conway as a 501(c)3 Non Profit organization in 2006 in response to global increase in fuel prices, and the result of many closures of centuries-old glass making facilities.  
The group's concern for the loss of culture, and the sustainability of their craft inspired to gather
like-minded artists with similar concerns of making glass art in the future.  
Today, the group is a guiding force in the glass art industry.   BioGlass members have presented their eco-efficient studio efforts at various glass gatherings including helping, establish the Green Panel at the annual Glass Art Society conference since 2006, as well as AusGlass 2008 in Canberra, Australia;  Making Futures Conference 2011 at Plymouth College of Art, in England,  California Art Glass 50-Year Celebration in 2012, and the Recuperation Side x Side demonstration in 2013 in Seattle, Washington. 

Founding members and guiding committee of offer their expertise and continually present solutions to creating eco-efficient glass studio practices world wide.    
We are a growing community with more resources!   

Please CONTACT US  for more information or to share information through our platform.  
We are an open and growing community of glass artists seeking to make a difference in their art practice to become more sustainable. 

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What We've Achieved:

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